About Us

We at Jabberhouse.com are political news junkies.  We can’t get enough of it.  There’s not a progressive among us on the team, and we like it that way.

It’s always been known that the mainstream news media slanted to the left, but ever since Donald Trump was elected president they have lost their collective minds.  They no longer report the news, the make up the news, and they do it with a leftist slant.  Heck, they no longer hire journalists, rather, they prop up left-wing activists and put them in suits and dresses, and sit them in front of a desk with the coffee mugs with corporate logos while they spout out the daily progressive lies about America.

We said enough is enough.  The Drudge Report has gone left-wing as of late, and it’s no longer reliable for getting solid news that reports solid facts.  There are now a number of conservative news outlets, and so we decided to create a conservative news aggregate site where people can come to get the news of the day.

We hope you like the site, and we’re always taking suggestions from our visitors.  If you have suggestions for the site, complaints, feedback, or just want to say hey, hit us up on our Contact Us page.  We may not be able to personally respond to every piece of feedback, but I can guarantee you that we read every one of them.

Please tell your friends about Jabberhouse.com.  The more people visit the site the more we can bring the news of the day to the world.